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Initially I wanted to open this entry with some kind of philosophical statement but as I thought more and more about it, the statement itself made less and less sense. So, as you may already have noticed: It’s gone for good. Instead we have this mysterious opening which no one besides me really understands or cares about. This isn’t too bad either, come to think of it!

I don’t really have a plan for today – no, that isn’t entirely true. I knew I wanted to make another foreign language entry and I was also certain that I won’t do any first impressions today. But at the moment I’m making this entire thing up on the fly but I think the quality of the entry so far clearly reflects that. At least for all those cat-hating individuals (you know who you are) out there this is better than the last entry.

Not that there isn’t noteworthy stuff happening in the gaming-world right now but I just don’t feel like doing something “useful” at the moment. My brain seems to be totally burned out because of all the new game-releases and stuff. Or perhaps I just have another one of those lazy moments I sometimes suffer from. But I don’t want to dwell on that. If you give in to the urge to be lazy you will be. So I need to be proactive and do something about it. So let’s talk a little about what I’m actually doing at the moment rather than the fictional life I usually create here (everyone knows after all that only an obsessive and mentally deranged individual could write so much stuff all the time – no offense to all those obsessive and mentally deranged individuals out there. I’m feeling with you!) just for you.

Currently I’m seriously looking into (certified) distance learning but not in the pursuit of a better graduation since I still think that’s pretty unhelpful for me unless I plan to go all the way and study something useless like computer science. And that’s not something I’m really looking forward to in the near future :). That train is gone for good anyway.

Instead I’m looking into two courses called “Journalism” and “Creative Writing School” and I fully intend to begin one of them before the end of the year. The question for me at this point is just which one I should take.

The “Journalism”-one is pretty what the name suggests. You learn the important ins and outs of being a journalist and not really more. The positive side is that it only takes 14 months and at least looks like the one which has more of a practical use in my pursuit in entering the professional games-journalism-market. The “Creative Writing School” instead not only promises the more complete picture of writing (including journalism but not so deep) but has also a bigger focus on the usage of language. This takes of course a little more time (30 months) but from a personal point of view seems to be the more interesting choice. The biggest downside (besides the much longer duration) seems to be the rather slim practical use of the certificate itself. A course like that is most likely of a better use for someone that wants to write novels and stuff like that.

In any case the quality of both courses and the school (HAF) that offers them seem to be very high from what I hear so that isn’t really the issue. I think it will be the “Journalism”-one but rest assured that I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Other than that I’ll let you know that I installed Quake III Arena once again in preparation for the LAN at the end of December. It is only fair that my opponents are aware of the fact that I’m back at training again (instead of gaining the remaining six levels in Sacred). But since my sparring partner hasn’t the game installed at the moment, the whole process will be a little slower than intended. But I will be ready on the 29.12. to kick some serious ass. I also hope that my opponents will find their confidence again because at the moment they seem to have already given up on winning. Perhaps it helps them a little when I say that this won’t be a picnic for me in my opinion. After all I won’t just fight a bunch of losers which don’t really know anything else than Counter-Strike this time :). But beware: Just because I’m back at training doesn’t mean that I suck now. I just need to brush up on some techniques like casually crashing the server when I’m about to loose. At the time of this writing I’ve finished Tier 0 through Tier 2 on Nightmare (for the two millionth time) and I’m up against the railgun-whore Klesk. The first taste of what awaits me in Tier 7 on Q3TOURNEY6 (for all the n00bs: Xaero).

But that’s not the only old game I’m at again. As I made more room for all the new games that finally arrived on Wednesday (expect more on that in the next entry), I looked over all those games that are sitting there and waiting for me to finish them. So I played another couple of hours with a girl I find way hotter than Miss Croft (fictional, movie impersonation and event stand-in): Rayne the Dhampir – and I don’t mean the ugly looking Kristinna Lřken-impersonation in that one terrible movie from the director whose name shall not even be whispered on these pages (she really looks awful in there). I, of course, mean the fully digital version from BloodRayne 2 (again: not the movie!). Complete with her black/red latex-dress and high heels :). And no, I’m not free for some CS or S&M later – at least not for the none-gaming usages of those abbreviations.

I really hope that we’ll see BloodRayne 3 some day. The story of Rayne is really interesting and the second game was already a huge step from the two-dimensional first game (in terms of character-development). And, I won’t deny it, fighting with a Rayne in HD would just be a geek’s wet dream come true.

Yes, I can already see the words forming in the minds of some of the readers: “What a pathetic pervert! Can’t get a real woman, doesn’t have the money for real pr0n and uses instead some kind of Hentai for losers!”

Naturally I won’t go into that kind of discussion. Especially not during a time where thousands of people are running into the cinema just to see a digital version of a naked Angelina Jolie. But don’t worry: Beowulf would also be a fairly good movie (no real blockbuster though) without that particularly scene (or actor), so you don’t really need to be ashamed :). Personally I don’t really like her face. Those lips are just too obtrusive.

Okay, enough of that. That’s already too much insight into the intimate regions of my brain. So before I start talking about things which I wouldn’t even fell comfortable with telling my (currently imaginary) wife about, let’s just end the entry here and now.

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*sigh* [i]That?s already too much insight into the intimate regions of my brain.[/i]
I do absolutely not believe that it is your brain that is talking … you played with the “prince” of the region today known as IRAN [u]before[/u] finishing her. These facts seem to be much more harassing though! *cough*

Ich finde die Tatsachen sehr beunruhigend, dass ich zuerst einmal nicht glaube, dass du wirklich bei klarem Verstand warst, beim Verfassen jener Zeilen und Zweitens, dass du zuerst “Prince of Persia – Sands of Time” durchgespielt hast, bevor du dich endlich dazu aufgerafft hast, mit Rayne weiterzuspielen…

Nebenbei: Heute und morgen Katzefüttern xD

” I also hope that my opponents will find their confidence again because at the moment they seem to have already given up on winning.”

Tsts, das war alles Teil des Plans dich in Sicherheit zu wiegen und dann mal so richtig vorzuführen… Aber hat ja offensichtlich nicht funktioniert, du bist ja schonwieder am trainieren -.-

Tja, hättet ihr besser planen sollen. Ich geh auch wieder ab und zu online um mir mal so richtig einen auf die Fresse geben zu lassen :). Echt krank was für Spieler noch Q3A online zocken…

Ich seh mich schon mit einer Rakete im Maul den Boden mit den zerfledderten Pixelresten meines “alter egos” zu besudeln…gut, dass ich q3a tatsächlich deinstalliert habe…das verbrauchte soviel platz ..”

es hat ja noch garniemand was zu deinen Fernschul-ambitionen gesagt… Nun dann mach ich das: Gute Sach! Kann bestimmt nicht schaden ^^

Hoffen wir, dass ich es durchhalte. Wird ganz sicher kein Spaziergang werden.

Bist aber doch arg positiv eingestimmt dieses Mal. Was ist den los? Willste dich bei mir einschleimen, damit ich dich nicht zu oft fragge? :)

hm.. ich kann auch (wieder) anders!

Alles kacke hier! Ey ich könnt den ganzen Tag nur kotzen wenn ich hierherkomm. Geh doch nach hause!

Aber…aber ich bin doch schon zuhause *heul*

Außerdem hab ich doch nur gefragt. Es ist doch wichtig, dass man nachfragt wenn einem etwas ungewöhnliches auffällt. Könnt ja sein, dass du plötzlich Selbstmord gefährdet bist oder von Aliens übernommen wurdest.

*versteckt seine gehirn-schnecke mehr schlecht als recht in seinem haar*
Neenee, alles normal. *hust* Muss Menschheit Ausrotten *hust*

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