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Christoph, I must say that is quite the adorable cat. But, why I am here is to ask you if you remember playing Minecraft on the 18th of September, 2010. I ask because I am part of the OmniArchive, Minecraft’s largest international archival community. We find and archive lost versions of Minecraft, and Alpha v1.1.1 has been missing since 2010. It was released on September 18th, 2010, but was quickly replaced by Alpha v1.1.2 when a grey screen bug became obvious. Minecraft Alpha v1.1.1 was the infamous grey screen of death version. It also added crouching, and calm4.ogg.

Now, from your 2010 comment here https://www.gamersglobal.de/user-artikel/minecraft I can see that you were playing Minecraft around the 18th of September. Do you remember dealing with the grey screen issue around that time? If you did, that means that you played Alpha v1.1.1. And if you still have the hard drive from the computer that you played that version on, or some backups from it, you may still have this version stored somewhere in them.

If you still have that hard drive or any old backups from it, can you check them for old jars, please? One of them may very easily be Alpha v1.1.1. Try looking through your temp files, on Windows via /AppData/Local/Temp/www.minecraft.net/, or on Macs via /Finder/Go/Utilities/Terminal/type open $TMPDIR, then search for old jars in the temp folder you are presented with. Please check as thoroughly as is reasonable, since you could possibly have something that was thought to have been lost forever. If you send us any old versions that turn out to be lost versions, you will be given credit for them in our versions index.

Thank you for your time.

The OmniArchive indices of lost and found Minecraft versions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1OCxMNQLeZJi4BlKKwHx2OlzktKiLEwFXnmCrSdAFwYQ/htmlview#


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